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Wellington, South Africa, visit Tannery Cars at the Old Tannery. Tannery Cars has three main components: The Car Museum Wellington, The Classic Car Cafe, and The Events Management Team.

Tannery Cars offers a unique experience for classic car enthusiasts. Our museum boasts a breathtaking collection of vintage automobiles. The classic car café provides a charming ambience where guests can enjoy coffee or indulge in a delicious meal. We host bi-annual car shows and private functions at our venue.

Client-Centric Approach

Our clients are our priority. Exceptional customer service and personalized experiences define our company culture.

Our Story

The “Old Tannery” in Wellington, South Africa, was established in 1871 and now operates as a business park. The park houses tenants, including the Tannery Car Museum & Classic Car Cafe. Tannery Cars organises car shows, manages the museum and cafe, and provides venue hire and event organisation services.

The Car Museum, Wellington South Africa, is a unique attraction with a Cafe inside. Our events team is committed to excellence and offers unparalleled service. Whether you need the venue for a function, want to attend a car show, or enjoy breakfast, Tannery Cars is here to help.

classic cars at the old tannery wellington
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